A Night Under The Neon
Gorgeous neon signs.
Neon lights.

Do you love old signs? How about old neon signs? Better yet, do you love old neon signs at night? Well then, the historic district in Pueblo, Colorado is the best ticket in town.

This weekend I’m up north of my home town, Phoenix, Arizona for the Simply Vintage Market, JUNKFEST at Pikes Peak International Raceway. The event is smack dab in between Pueblo and Colorado Springs in the town of Fountain. I have gorgeous views all around me, beautiful weather and I even had a great start to the show. The first day was really busy right of the bat at 9:00 am. I am looking forward to a productive day two. Luckily after the show closes for the day I get to unwind, take in the sites and shoot a little photography. During my downtime I had a chance to head downtown to the historic district of Pueblo and get a few shots. My plan was to do something different from last month when I was here for Vintage Market Days of Colorado Springs. Great show by the way! That weekend I hiked the trails in The Garden of the Gods and a couple beautiful parks around The Springs. Shooting mostly landscape and wildlife that trip I wanted to do some street photography instead. With all intentions of doing just that I came upon one of the coolest streets. A whole block or so of historic buildings covered in pristine vintage neon signs. The colorful glow was amazing and the neons buzzing sound was so mesmerizing. Quite a site and very unexpected. If you get the chance to head up to Pueblo check out this area of town. Great restaurants, cool bars and even a winding river walk through the historic section.

Next up is Vintage Market Days of Southern Utah in Heber City. I can’t wait for this amazing show and all the great sites I’ll be able to photograph. See you soon Utah!

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