Is it time to say goodbye to Farmhouse Chic?

Time sure flies by. It was just Christmas right? We’re halfway through 2019 and right in the middle of the sweltering Arizona summer. What are we thinking about you ask? 2020 of course! What styles our going to be the rage and what styles are going bye bye. Remember the 1980’s and all the pastels and southwest prints? How about the early 1990’s? Black lacquer, lodge pole bed frames or the fascination with large oak furniture? What about Mid-Century Modern? Is it over too?

Speaking to customers, the saturation for Farmhouse Chic may have hit a tipping point. No longer are we getting asked if we have old barn doors, vintage washtubs, chippy white fireplace mantels or anything rusty. Do you cringe when you say Edison bulbs? Yeah, it’s time to start concealing those again. We’re not saying its over just yet but it’s not out of line to start asking questions as to what’s next. We’re seeing a shift from shiplap and reclaimed wood to inquires on metal and concrete. Plus natural fiber wall hangings and pendant lighting is showing up in our inventory with good reviews. We have also noticed raw DIY and fixer up materials are out. Nobody wants to fix what they just bought. They want a beautiful piece that can be added to their home instantly.

With 2020 fast approaching, The Salvage Co. has been making a shift in our inventory to what industry experts predict will be the upcoming home decor trends. While still staying with our love for vintage furnishings, we are moving to a more minimalist look with hints of industrial styles along with organic accents. Plus, we are acquiring vintage from all over the globe. No longer are we only stocking American vintage but choose to search out unique and eclectic one-of-a-kind vintage furnishings from abroad. We need to remind ourselves, every country has vintage.

Whether Farmhouse Chic has officially jumped the shark will remain to be seen over the coming months but we are definitely looking forward to the next trend in vintage home decor.

What do you think about the coming home decor trends? We would love to hear your thoughts.